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Tips on Choosing the Right Litter Box

From Cat Crazy Newsletter

by PetPlace.com

A life outside is a dangerous one for cats. There are cars, dogs, coyotes and all kinds of other dangers. With this in mind, many of us keep our cats inside. However, we pay a small price for our cat’s safety –  litter box care and that the litter box smells.

As more and more people are choosing to keep indoor rather than outdoor cats, litter boxes and litter box products become more sophisticated. If you haven’t looked for a new litter box in a while, now may be the time. It is important to have not only enough litter boxes (one per cat plus one) but also the right litter box.

The ideal litter box is big, clean, clear, smell free, in a convenient and non-scary location. The bigger the better. Deep is also good. Some cats like to go in the corners and sides and high sides can be appealing.  Cats like to see what is coming  around them when they go so they feel safe which makes a clear box ideal. The best box for many cats is a large clear storage container. You can get them at your local department store.  They are larger than a litter box and allows a cat the space he wants to pick for a good spot to “go”.  If needed, you can cut a spot that is lower to make it easier for older cats to get in and out. It works fine as it is for most cats.

It is getting easier all the time to manage litter boxes that smell. There is one litter on the market called “Odor alert” that keeps smells in line by alerting you before the box begins to smell. For more information and a coupon – go to armandhammer.com. Your nose will thank you!

If you decide to change your cat’s box, do it gradually. Keep your old box and old litter while adding the new one. Make sure your cat likes and uses the new one before removing the old one.


Dr. Jon

P.S. This storage container litter box tip has worked really well for many cat lovers. Many behaviorists that deal with cats that inappropriately urinate outside of the box recommend this type of box. If you have a friend with cats, forward this to them.  Click on the “send a friend” below.

P.P.S. Go to: armandhammer.com for a coupon off your next purchase of odor alert kitty litter.


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