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Our Dog Killed Our Cat!!

From The Dog Crazy Newsletter

By Petplace.com

Last Saturday I sent you an article by our  “Irreverent Vet” titled Dog Breeds that are Bad with Cats .

The response to this article has been INCREDIBLE! Over 20,000 people read that article and many sent comments about their own dog/cat experiences.  I will share / post as many comments as we can over the next week as many of them are excellent.

Today, I want to share one of the stories we got.  I think we can all learn something from it.

Here is Donna’s story about how her dog killed her cat.

“We have a Weimaraner that killed my cat.  I was devastated.  I had the cat for years, and also had 2 other dogs that got along fine with the cat.  But when I got married, my husband had a Weimaraner puppy.  I did my best to socialize him with the cat, just like I did with my other dogs.  Things seemed to be fine, but he did always seem to have the instinct to chase her.  One day I came home, and found my cat dead.

I usually kept my cat in a separate area of the house when I wasn’t home, just to make sure she was safe, so I’m not sure how he got to her.  But anyway, it was a terrible thing.  I do still love my Weimar very much, (although I’ll admit it took me awhile to forgive him).  He’s really a truly sweet, lovable, and wonderful dog.  But I think the chase and hunt instinct in him was too great, especially if she ran, or hissed at him.  He loves to chase most anything, birds, squirrels (he recently caught one of those too), rabbits, etc.  I think it’s just his breed.  I’ve heard stories of Weimaraner getting along with cats, but I would never take the chance again, nor would I advise anyone to get a Weimaraner if they have a cat.  Just my personal experience, I thought I would share.
Good luck to those who have cats and dogs.  I’d love to have another cat, but I’ve learned a hard lesson with my Weimar.”

Donna Keith

Thanks for sharing your story Donna.  Thanks for forgiving your dog, you are a kind spirit.

If you did not read the Irreverent Vet’s article on what Dog Breeds don’t get along with Cats Go to: Dog Breeds that are Bad with Cats – The Irreverent Vet Speaks Out.

You may be surprised…

Hope you are having great weekend.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon

P.S. – So who is the Irreverent Vet?   He/She has over 15 years of veterinary experience and is very, very knowledgeable. I ask the “Irreverent Vet” to tackle tough topics on a regular basis.  His/Her comments may not be popular sometimes, but they are honest and are intended to give you an insight into what vets really think (but may be afraid to say to their clients).

If you did not read the Irreverent Vet’s article Go to: Dog Breeds that are Bad with Cats – The Irreverent Vet Speaks Out  (you’ll see what I mean)


May 19, 2008 - Posted by | Feline Health, K9 Health


  1. A killer dog needs put down, period.

    Comment by Hurricane | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. to Hurricane: if a dog killing a cat is a killer dog that needs to be put down, then i think a killer cat that kills pet rabbits, hamsters, birds should definitely put down as well. Do you know how stupid you sound? It’s just their instinct, nature. Heard of that?

    plus i think this woman Donna is just stupid – dont get a weimaraner if you have a cat? LOL!!! i didn’t know they still made stupid people like her! I think it doesn’t matter what breed of dog it is, if it’s a dog that has instincts to go after cats, then that’s it, doesn’t depend on the breed. It’s like saying dont get a persian cat if you have a song bird. Do you people know how stupid you sound?!

    But anyway, one less cat is always good. cats are stupid and annoying and real bullies. the only good cat is a dead one.

    Comment by bibi | March 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hurricane you are stupid. It’s a dogs instinct don’t punish the dog for that. It’s not like the dog intentionally decided that he wanted kill the woman’s cat.

    Bibi,Do you realize who stupid YOU sound?

    Weim’s are known to be hunting dogs so of course small furry things running from them are bound to spark their attention. Donna has every right to recommend that people with cats not have that breed of dog along with any other breed that has a tendency for hunting. There are specific breeds that are used for hunting, just like there are specific breeds people use for policedogs, etc.

    I have a weimaraner myself, and while he didn’t kill one of my own cats, he did get a neighbor’s cat that got into our yard at night.There are however, exceptions to every breed. The weimaraner we had before him never had a problem with cats, in fact I think the only thing he ever got in the 13 years we had him was one possum.

    Comment by aras | April 27, 2010 | Reply

  4. I don’t think Donna is stupid AT ALL. I raise German shepherds around my cats they RESPECT ME and if one ever killed my cats OUT they would go….NO I would not put the dog down but place it in a home with no cats. If a Dog respects its owner and wants to please it will not go around killing cats that are also owned by the ownewr.

    Comment by Heather | December 25, 2010 | Reply

  5. Sorry I mean’t Hurricane is not dumb but like I said no killing of the dog just place in another home.

    Comment by Heather | December 25, 2010 | Reply

  6. donna ur a stupid and foolish and woman who didnt show any regrets on this. morever she looks happy narating this.that fucking dog needs to be kicked in his ass or killed.

    Comment by india _ best | April 10, 2011 | Reply

  7. First of all EVERYONE….no one needs to be called stupid or foolish!!! Everything that is written is simply the opinion of the writer and nothing more. So that being said lets try not to act like we are in the 5th grade here ok. What happened to Donna was an awful accident and I’m sure she is torn up inside over the whole ordeal.In my opinion there are breeds that are considered to be “better” with cats/other animals etc. Does that mean that if you own a cat you under no circumstance should get one of these breeds? Not really. Would I suggest getting an older dog that happens to be more of a hunter? NO. But if you get a dog as a puppy and put in the propper time and effort I think that ANY breed can become compatible with cats. The important thing here is that we all realize that animals are animals no matter what. It is our job to be as responsible and caring as we can and even then accidents can still happen. I wish everyone the best of luck with all their animals and hope that Donna can move on from this with no hard feelings towards her pooch!! P.S Because I am an animal lover of all breeds I found it neccessary to comment to bibi that cats just like you are one of God’s creatures and should be respected just the same. To say “the only good cat is a dead cat” shows how ignorant you really are!!

    Comment by Jay | August 4, 2011 | Reply

  8. My neighbors that live directly behind my house own a weimaraner. They’re often not home and they know that she gets out for the two and a half years I have lived here. .I have two teen daughters 13 and 14 and they are just like me HUGE ANIMAL LOVERS> We have two dogs and a few cats. Thats all I can handle and still be responsible for them.So the dog (my kids call her sandy) wonders into my yard often looking for companionship. Myslef and my girls have brought her home numerous times….since i rarely see the owner she always comes back. Not an everyday event. Once every couple weeks she will hang out in my yard. She would chase my cats but never harmed them. Well I believe once u feed an animal it will stay so that never occurred to my knowledge. well today she followed my daughter two doors up to visit grandparents who own many cats that live outside. Well she attacked and killed one of the girls cats. If i would have known more about her breed then I would have known. I also had a cat that just had kittens…never found kittens and she is not nursing so maybe sandy had a hand in that too. for the last two days we tried returning her home on 4 different occasions. My child is traumatized. So now I am angry. Owner says i just do not know what to do with her…she keeps getting out….I feel give her to a good home.

    Comment by Susan Garner | April 15, 2012 | Reply

    • oh and my oldest daughter witnessed whole thing.

      Comment by Susan Garner | April 15, 2012 | Reply

  9. My dog has killed two feral cats in my backyard when I let him out to use the restroom. They have been breeding out of control in my neighborhood. He is a fast, strong doberman. I feed him all raw food so he is extremely powerful and quick. The cats are wild and underfed, so I don’t think they can get away quick enough.

    I love him to death, but it bothers me when he does this. It’s traumatic. So now, I am planning on having to go check the yard every time I let him out. That sucks, because I paid $10,000 for a nice fence to enclose my yard for my dog.

    Anyway, it sounds like this is just part of owning a dog, and now I am trying to be the best owner I can be by dealing with it… trying to avoid and letting it happen again. Feral cats are very annoying though, as they just shit and roam without any supervision. The real person at fault is the one who let the cats get out of control in my neighborhood while continually feeding them. Argghhh… so frustrating. Now my dog kills them. He would probably kill all of them if he could.

    Anyway, I’m glad I found this site. Let me know if you have any ?’s.

    Comment by rhender | August 9, 2012 | Reply

  10. * trying to avoid letting it happen again is what I meant

    Comment by rhender | August 9, 2012 | Reply

  11. My weimaraner lets our cat live. All others are fair game. He has killed more than I remember, but mostly feral cats. We’ve had three Weimaraners in the family and they all killed what ever they could catch, our dog now, even killed a large coyote that came in the yard. On the bright side, he loves playing with other dogs, even little dogs and has never hurt a small dog. They are not a first time dog owner sort of dog, and training WILL HAPPEN, either you train it or it trains you. They need to run off leash every day, so they are a terrible choice for city dwellers. They are a loyal to the death fearless companion, and if you love the spirit of a dog’s dog, you’ll find no better. My weims have all had the motto of,” if it’s not edible, it might be.” And “If it’s too disgusting to eat, roll in it and wear it.”….so beware, they are not prissy foofie dogs either.

    Comment by Tim | August 5, 2014 | Reply

  12. My orange cat Stanley who was a little over a year old was killed last week by one of our dogs. I am so sad. We found him dead on the bedroom floor. No sign of struggle but believed they broke his neck. Will never know. As far as breeds go I don’t think it matters too much. We have four dogs and live on a farm. Two are jack russells which def have prey instinct. But I cannot blame them for sure. They never attacked the cat before. I think the cat was probably running around and the dogs got too rough and it happened. Sometimes dogs kill cats while just playing too rough as all it takes it a swing of the cats neck. Sad but true. So just adding this because I don’t always agree on the breed of the dog killing cats. 😦

    Comment by Christie | June 26, 2015 | Reply

    • My dog and my step-mom’s dog, killed my 8 year old cat yesterday. I found him tore up in the garage…. I was devastated!!! I am so upset with my dog.. who was raised with the cat and loved him. All I can think is that the other dog, the “Pit” started it, and once that pack mentality kicked in, my dog went right along with him. The problem I am finding is, forgiving my dog. I just can’t… every time I look at him I yell and tell him to “get lost”… I get angry just looking at him… do you think this will pass? Should I just get rid of him? I loved and adored my dog before this.. but seeing him all covered in my sweet Cat’s blood… all I see now is a vicious animal and nothing more. Thoughts?

      Comment by Robyn | August 23, 2015 | Reply

      • I have dealt with having to forgive my dog for killing a cat before.
        Yes it is hard. I’m very sorry for what happened to you.
        Unfortunately I don’t think dogs have reasoning capability like we do. They react to things instinctively. That’s just my current perspective.
        With my dog (who has killed 3 wild cats – each one made me sad and upset with him – I love cats even though I don’t own one) I just finally realized that he has limitations, and I need
        to work within those limitations. I can’t expect him to treat a cat fairly.
        So, maybe going forward, just play within these new limitations, knowing what you know now.
        Your dog is just being a dog unfortunately (I may be wrong… but again, that is my current perspective)
        Just my 2 cents. Not saying it is the answer, and again I am very sorry.

        Comment by rhender | August 23, 2015

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