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Can Cats Be Trained?

From The Cat Crazy Newsletter

By Petplace.com

Can cats be trained? Well, we all know that cats do what they want to when they want to… right?

Well, if you are a cat owner who thinks that cats can’t be trained to respond to commands the same way that dogs do, you’re in for a surprise. Basic training for cats is possible (in most cases…).

The next question is “Why would anybody want to train their cat?”

Well, there are some good reasons other than for the amusement of your friends and relatives or to test your patience. Imagine that you are coming home from grocery shopping with your arms full of shopping bags and that you must get inside your home without your cat escaping. Untrained, your cat, eager to greet you, may stick her nose out of the door as soon as you open it.

Sound familiar? Just ask your cat-owning friends how often their cats have accidentally escaped when someone has held the door open too long.

You may not want to train your cat to perform tricks, but training your cat to understand and obey a few common commands will help you to strengthen your relationship with her.

One of the Petplace writers has written a great article titled “Can You Train Your Cat“.  It gives some great tips on how to teach your cat to “Sit”, “Come” and “Stay”.

Don’t believe it’s possible? Check out this fun article.  You and your cat may learn a thing or two. Go to: petplace.com/cat-training.

One final tip. Make the training sessions fun for your cat and for you and make them something your cat wants to participate in (it works better that way) Have fun!

Until next time…

Dr. Jon



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  1. I’m new here landed up searching blogs on resources on pets. cool blog you have here, keep it up. and its nice to be here. i’ll be back some time later for more updates.Thanks for sharing with us….

    Comment by Liz Barton | November 3, 2008 | Reply

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