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Bloody Diarrhea, Vomiting and No Vaccines?

Re: Bloody diarrhea, vomiting and No Vaccines?


Hello again.

I have literally just come back from the clinic- I was
called at 3AM by some pretty concerned people-

Their 9 week old un vaccinated puppy had vomited at least
12 times in the last 12 hours, had bloody diarrhea, and
was very weak.

I dragged myself out of my sleep stupor, and wandered through
the quiet dark streets of Nelson at 3AM- NO ONE is up then.

The puppy is a sweet WolfHound Cross- and his new family have barely
had him for 24 hours.

He was 8% dehydrated, very lethargic, running a Temp of 39.7 C,
and had profuse smelly, watery and bloody diarrhea.

It is most likely infectious diarrhea- Parvovirus- and
we will test later this morning.

His new family Acted Quickly, and were able to make the RIGHT
DECISION to bring him in immediately.

I now have him on IV FLUIDS, Antibiotics, and Medication to
help stop the Vomiting.

He will Most likely recover from this- BUT it could
have been prevented.


In this Case…



I guess so.

One day I am telling you WHY you shouldn’t vaccinate, and
the next day I am saying vaccinate.

Specifically this is the MOST IMPORTANT disease to vaccinate
your dog for.

BUT, you only need 2 vaccines, at 8 and 12 weeks- NOT a whole
combination of things at the same time.

TO get my ENTIRE Vaccine Protocol, go here:



P.S. The Puppy was already feeling a bit better when I left.
I had given him 300ML of IV Fluids and some Metoclopramide to
Stop the Vomiting. I will be using some Homeopathics with him
as well.

For those of you wanting to read ALL about the PROS and CONS
of VACCINES, PLUS what else you can do to keep your dog and cat
healthy WITHOUT Vaccines, check out:


It’s Your Pet…Heal Them At Home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM


May 19, 2008 - Posted by | K9 Health


  1. I work at a vet hospital as well and this year “parvo season” started early. Our 20 cage parvo ward has been packed since Feb. and we’ve had to have people go to different hospitals for treatment. Several other hospitals in our area are full as well. That doesn’t even take in to consideration the number of dogs being euthanized a day because owners can’t afford treatment, even on payment plans. In certain cases some of our techs have adopted puppies/dogs that have a good chance of making it to pay for the treatment, but we can’t adopt them all.

    To top it off, there is a new strain of the virus that is attacking fully vaccinated dogs in their prime. The regular parvo vax is only about 75% effective against this new strain and about 90% effective against the old strain from what studies have shown. So, what to do?

    Keep your pups on your property as much as possible the first year of life. Vaccinate them fully and keep them out of PetSmarts, Petcos, dog parks, parks etc. and other areas dogs are most likely to be until a better vax is made available. I know it sounds extreme but it’s better than the alternative.

    If a dog has parvo it has to have veterinary care in order to survive this virus. Only a small percentage can get away with other forms of treatment. The treatment can cost anywhere from about $800.00 or more for a small dog and up in to the thousands for a med. to large dog, even at the most reasonable of vet offices. Vaccines and preventative measures are much less expensive, not to mention healthier for your puppy/dog.

    Even after these preventative measures have been taken, there is still a slight chance of contracting the virus. It can be tracked in on your shoes or clothes. So if you have come in to contact with a parvo dog or are coming back from the vet office it is a good idea to change clothes and spritz off the bottoms of your shoes with a bleach & water solution. Fill a squirt bottle with water with 10% of that being bleach and squirt the bottoms of your shoes before they make contact with the floors of your house.

    Also, with the first signs of Vomiting or Diarrhea, listlessness, poor appitite, get your dog in the the vet office immediatly!! Time is of the essence! You don’t want to let this go and see if it is just a cold or flubug. Dogs can be dehydragted with in a day or two and every hour counts twards a successful outcome.

    Another piece of info, when you have your dog vaccinated they aren’t fully protected yet. It takes their body between 10-14 days for the vax to be in full effect. So just because you have your pup or dog vaccinated that day, doesn’t mean they will be protected against all the cudies at the park you take them to right after. They can still become sick if you don’t wait for the vax to finish its work.

    Paranoid? Overly cautious?….maybe. However, with the staggaring amount of dogs and puppies coming in to our office, and others on a daily basis with this diesase with owners from all walks of life extra caution this year may save more k-9’s from this disease, and families a lot of heartache.

    Comment by pixiebobjournal | May 19, 2008 | Reply

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  3. Ive read alot on here and people having the same problems happen to their dogs But My Dog Kirby who is a Yellow Lab and is 1 year old has had Diearrhea for about a week now and hes had some runny diarherea and Vomiting but not today which is good i called to make an appointment to get him checked out today at 1pm.He also had some blood in his diearrea today which scared me. He acts like he doesnt feel good at all but hes eatting Ok and hes Vomited a few times which i seem to think he has a senitive tummy bc when he was a few months old i fed him some of the iams dog food and he got a upset tummy right away and it lasted for about a day or so then it shopped completely.I dont know whats wrong with my baby.Ive also read to give him pepto but im gonna wait and see what the vet says first before i give him anytihng.
    But im thinking its either his food or its his bone he loves to show on liek a rawhide but i have been buying the same ones for him for a while now and they’ve never caused diaherea so whats causing i want my baby to feel better soon because he just isnt himself today.:*( Anyone know what may be causing kirby’s upset tummy please reply

    Comment by Rachel | June 6, 2008 | Reply

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