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What’s Wrong With Having An Overweight, Spoiled Dog?

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By Petplace.com

What’s Wrong With Having an Overweight, Spoiled Dog?

Well my emotional answer to this question is – there nothing wrong with it.  I just love my dog and want to make him happy.  Like many of you, I am guilty. He loves treats and when looks at me with his big brown eyes, my heart melts and I give in.

My medical answer is different. I know that obesity is accompanied by a set of physical problems that may contribute to a shorter life span. Fat dogs have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, liver disease, diabetes, orthopedic problems, and even neurological problems.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will share Milo’s story with you.  Milo is a Mini Pinscher that was 12 pounds overweight.   For those of you not familiar with Mini Pinscher’s, they stand around 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 8 to 10 pounds –  Milo was almost 24 pounds (which means that Milo was 100% overweight!)

You have to see it to believe it. Check out Milo’s “before” and “after” pictures. Go to: feedingisbelieving.com. (Milo’s story is the 4th picture from the top.)

So are there healthier ways to spoil your dog?

Yes, there are. Here are a few healthier ways to spoil your dog without helping him/her pack on the pounds.

1. Trade up for healthier treats. Fresh baby carrots are a great, low-calorie alternative to fatty biscuits and permit the frequent treat-giving that many dogs have become accustomed to.

2. Make them work for it. Interactive toys keep pets busy while rewarding them with small treats throughout the play activity. For already obese pets, using pieces of their regular dog food as treats is helpful.

3. Forget the treats and get moving. Increasing playtime with your pet can greatly increase calories burned in a day. Spoiling your pet doesn’t have to involve food. Playing ball, going for a run or visiting a dog park are fun and healthful ways to interact with your pet.

Remember, keeping a dog healthy, active and energetic is the best treat of all.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon

P.S. – When overweight dogs lose weight they begin to display changes in temperament and behavior that indicate that they are feeling better. They play more, sleep less, and become more active.

If you did not see Milo’s picture when he was 12 pounds overweight and the amazing picture of what he looked like after he lost the excess weight, take a moment to look at them.  It will motivate you never to let your dog get so overweight.

To see Milo’s “before” and “After” pictures go to: feedingisbelieving.com (Milo’s story is the 4th picture from the top.)


May 13, 2008 - Posted by | K9 Health

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  1. Not quite sure, I lost 20 Pounds with this here.The Video on their site was too good so I had to try and lost some weight. You can find the video when you click on the Link. Jenna

    Comment by Jana | March 7, 2015 | Reply

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