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More Pet Saving Tips!

Dog Crazy Newsletter

By Petplace.com

The pet loving people that read this newsletter are really amazing!  Always willing to share what you know to help others.

Yesterday we asked for people to share their money saving tips. In a very short time we received many e-mails with some really great money saving tips.

Today I want them to pass them along to all of you.

Tip # 1 from Tassy Walker – “Hours of Fun for Only Pennies”

Jump ropes. Get an average, everyday, jump rope, take the plastic handle ends off and tie a knot at both ends. This is a great yard toy for only pennies that can provide hours of fun for two dogs to play tug-of-war together. If you’re busy, they’ll entertain themselves and when they come inside, they’re ready for a nice nap!

Tassy Walker

Tip # 2 from Lynn Davis – “Save on Pet Meds”

You can save on the cost of some pet medication by buying on line rather than from your vet. Some meds can only be bought with a prescription, but in the UK (I don’t know about other countries) your vet is obliged to give you a prescription so you can buy the medication anywhere you like.  I have saved 50% on arthritis medication for my old dog!

Lynn Davis

Tip # 3 from Tammy Cartwright – “Save on Vaccinations”

In response to your article “Smart Ways to Lower Your Dog Care Expenses”: Our humane society in Phoenix, Arizona, in addition to Petsmart/Banfield Hospital, has certain days and times where you can get vaccinations with the exam or vet visit cost waived.  This has saved me a lot of money this first year of my puppy’s life.

Tammy Cartwright

Thank you Tassy, Lynn and Tammy for sharing your ideas with us. If you sent and e-mail with cost saving ideas we will pass them along to the Petplace users over the next couple of weeks. If you have not had a chance to share your cost saving tips please share them with me so I can pass them along.  You can e-mail me at editors@petplace.com

Until next time…

Dr. Jon


May 13, 2008 - Posted by | K9 Health, Toys

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