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Flea allergies

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By petplace.com

This is the season where many pets begin to itch and itch and itch some more. A common cause is allergies to fleas.

Some cats are allergic to fleas. It is actually an allergy to the saliva of the fleas. Just one bite can cause many cats to break out and begin their cycle of itching and allergy treatments.

The best way to deal with flea allergies is to ensure that your cat doesn’t have fleas and doesn’t perpetuate fleas.

There is nothing you can do to stop a random flea from jumping on your cat. But there is something you can do to prevent that one flea from producing more and more fleas.

One flea can turn into thousands in a short time. It is amazing. The life cycle of the flea is especially rapid during the warm humid months of summer.

The best way to prevent that one flea from infesting your cat and home is to ensure he is on flea prevention medication. What does this mean? This means that if your cat takes a monthly preventative medication , if a flea jumps on him and bites him, it will receive a tiny dose of medication that will prevent it from reproducing thus preventing more fleas.

Talk to your vet to determine if your cat should be on flea prevention medications. One new product that works well is called ProMeris.

Go to: Promeris.com for more information.

The best time to begin flea prevention medication is NOW. Later in the summer – fleas are at very high numbers and it will be more difficult to prevent them, increasing your time and cost on treating fleas.


Dr. Jon

P.S. One thing that is especially annoying about fleas is that your cat doesn’t have to go outdoors to get them. You can bring flea eggs in your home on your shoes. Talk to your vet to determine if your cat should be on a flea prevention medication such as ProMeris.

Go to Promeris.com for more information.



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