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Feral Power! By Alley Cat Allies

This morning, millions of Americans learned about the growing movement to help feral cats in a feature article
in the nation’s most popular daily newspaper, USA Today.

Feral cats, along with their advocates and caregivers, are finally getting the national media attention and recognition they deserve.

And, as the article indicated, Alley Cat Allies is leading the way. Alley Cat Allies was the first in the country to promote Trap-Neuter-Return and has worked for over 17 years on a national level to bring attention to feral cats and raise awareness about what they are, how they live, who cares for them, and how they are treated in our outdated animal control system.

Our unique mission is to stop the killing of cats in animal control pounds and shelters and promote humane care. This article proves that the time for this movement has come.

On National Feral Cat Day (NFCD), October 16, we will launch an educational campaign to raise awareness about shelter practices. We encourage people across the country to sign on to support our movement.

We need your help to continue spreading the word and getting others involved. The broader our support base, the more we will be able to bring about real change and save cats’ lives.

Share this article with everyone you know—your veterinarian, your local pet store owner, your groomer, your petsitter, your friends and family. Ask them to read the article and then add their voice to the over 170,000 supporters who are demanding an end to the killing of cats by joining FeralPower!

FeralPower! readers will be receiving NFCD materials—look for them in your mailbox in August.

Alley Cat Allies


May 12, 2008 - Posted by | Misc Feline, Rescue

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