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A Frustrating and Expensive Problem…‏


By PetPlace.con

Have you ever had a cat flea problem?
If so, then you know how frustrating, time consuming and expensive it can be to eliminate them. Prevention is the most effective and easiest method of flea control.

One group of products works to control fleas by interrupting the development fleas by killing flea larva and eggs. These drugs are called insect growth regulators (IGRs). These products do not kill adult fleas, but they dramatically decrease the flea population by arresting their development.

Other products kill the actual flea (adulticides) and work quite rapidly. These include both spot-on and oral products. Spot-on products are usually applied on your cat’s skin between the shoulders. The medication is absorbed into your cat’s skin and distributed throughout the body. ProMeris is a new drug that falls into this class that appears to work very well. Scientifically, it works by attacking the flea’s nervous system and blocking voltage-dependent sodium channels, which results in paralysis and death of the flea.

This product is safe, easy to use and, if used correctly, the most effective method of flea control.

I recommend that you take a look and learn about the many benefits of this new product. It may work better than what you are currently using.

To learn more Go to: Promeris.com.

Whatever product you use, this is the time to begin preventing fleas!

Don’t way too long or flea season will be in full force and it is much more difficult to treat rather than prevent fleas.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S.  ProMeris® is only available through veterinarians, so you would need to go to your vets office to get it. Go to Promeris.com so you read about it so you can discuss it with your vet.


May 12, 2008 - Posted by | Feline Health

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