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6 Things You Should Not Do When Excercising Your Dog

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By PetPlace.com

Exercise is one of the best ways to spend time with your dog. Not only is it fun, but it keeps your pet healthy, too. Your dog will sleep better, have more energy, and have good, strong bones and muscles.  You should really try to exercise your dog every day.

What you do with your dog depends on what kind of dog you have. Large dogs need more exercise than small dogs – at least two walks a day. Puppies love to wrestle and chase; they never seem to run out of energy. Some dogs like to play Frisbee in the park. But if your dog is older, he may just want to take walks in the neighborhood.  Whatever you do, exercise should be fun.

A good way to make exercise fun is with toys.  There are some great toys available today like the ball launcher.  A “launcher” can launch balls farther, which are great for fetching and retriever breeds.  This creates a much better challenge, both mentally and physically for your dog. 

I have found a great website that offers unique and great outdoor playtime products for you and your dog to enjoy together called Orvis.com.

To check out the “launcher” and other great outdoor toys go to: orvis.com

While you are having fun, make sure your dog is safe. If you use a toy, make sure it is safe for him and is not made of a poisonous material. Toys should not be too big for him to handle or so small that he can swallow them.   For instance, a tennis ball could be swallowed by a larger breed dog causing choking and death or surgery for removal. In this case, you would want to use a ball that is plenty big enough for your dog. 

Now that we’ve talked about some fun ways to exercise, I would like to give you a quick list of 6 things you should NOT do when exercising your dog. By avoiding these 6 things you will eliminate the risk of injury to you and your dog.

1. Don’t ride a bike with your dog on a leash.
2. Don’t skateboard with your dog on a leash.
3. Don’t roller blade with your dog on a leash.
4. Don’t exercise when it is very hot or very cold.
5. Don’t let your dog run loose near traffic.
6. Don’t exercise your dog right before or after he is fed.

Well, I hope you get out to enjoy this springtime weather with your pet. And remember, exercise is as important for your dog as it is for you.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon
P.S.  Have you ever heard of “Canine Genius” toys? Canine Genius toys are worth every penny. They are tough enough to withstand large breeds that would otherwise chew the furniture and are great for fetch and hide-and-seek. You can interlock multiple Canine Genius toys, which increases the intellectual distraction for curious, busy puppies and adolescent dogs. You can freeze food inside the toys so that it takes even longer to get the reward. This product is highly recommended for active chewers. 

To check out Canine Genius go to: Orvis.com/pets

P.P.S – If squeaking toys are a favorite for your pooch, there is an adorable
rooster squeaking toy available as well.  


May 12, 2008 - Posted by | K9 Health, Toys

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