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Is Your Cat a “Fatty”?

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Is Your Cat a “Fatty”?

Is your cat overweight?  Don’t worry – you aren’t alone!

It is estimated that nearly half of cats are overweight or likely to become overweight. Of them, a large percentage of people don’t believe their cats are overweight.

That is denial. Or…maybe it is blind love?

Obesity can exacerbate several underlying conditions including arthritis and diabetes. Excess weight is just as unhealthy for cats as it is for us.

But we can do something about their weight. They depend on us for food and we can control their food. But loosing weight isn’t just about controlling what they eat but also how much they eat.

Hill’s Science Diet® recently came out with a program called “Pet FitT Challenge “.  I like this program because it covers what cat owners need to do to help their cats lose weight (and maintain their ideal weight). It is a combination of feeding the right food in the right proportions and combining it with a healthy lifestyle (yes, that includes some exercise).

If you think your cat could benefit from this program – please consider it.

Go to: PetFit.com and take the challenge.

If you follow this program…your kitty will be healthier!  It’s free. All you need to do is go to this link petfit.com and follow the instructions.   It makes a great reference and a great guide.

If you are not sure if your cat is overweight – ask your veterinarian. Most vets have scales and wouldn’t mind if you even stop by for a weight and compare that to a previous weight. Call and ask. Your vet is your partner in keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon

P.S.  When you go to Petfit.com – it then asks you for your state. Go ahead and enter it, as it will then take you to a page where you can download a coupon or download your weight management record book. This is good – it gives you the body scores – pictures of cats of different shapes so you can determine if your cat is overweight.


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