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Easter Lily Deadly To Cats

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Saturday March 22, 2008     

Happy Easter!

As many of you get together with family and friends to celebrate Easter there will be lots of good food, chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs and many other festive decorations.

Did you know that there is a traditional Easter decoration that can be very dangerous to both dogs and cats?

Well there is. The biggest Easter danger to cats is toxicity from Easter Lily ingestion.  They are toxic and dangerous. They cause kidney failure in cats and can be deadly. So PLEASE! Either don’t bring Easter lilies (which is the best thing to do) or keep them out of the reach of your cat.

Remember, cats can be both curious and sneaky. It only takes them a minute to jump up on the counter and take a nibble. And that nibble could be fatal.

So be safe, keep the lilies away from your cat.

Also please be careful of other Easter dangers such as the grass that goes in the Easter baskets. Some cats will eat it leading to a gastrointestinal obstruction that could require surgery.

Accidents can happen at any time, all we can is to be educated and to take reasonable measures. This is one of the reasons I recommend pet insurance. Unexpected illnesses or accidents can happen at any time. . If you can’t afford an unexpected $1,000 – $2,000 expense, then you really should consider pet insurance.

Take a minute to learn about the benefits of pet insurance and to get a free quote

Go to veterinarypetinsurance.com.

Please, what ever you do on this lovely Easter weekend, keep your cat safe.  I don’t want to hear that any of you ended up at the emergency clinic.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon


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