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What Do Cats Do For Fun?

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Cat Owners – What We Do for FUN…

What Do Cat Lovers Do For Fun?

Well, watching their cats play of course.  Cat lovers know that playing with their cat and /or watching their cat play is one of the most entertaining and fun pastimes afforded to them.

A cat’s imagination is boundless. All animal play is spontaneous and whimsical. Animal games are without many rules and mainly just for pleasure, although much of animal play is meaningful, allowing the cat to rehearse and learn life’s lessons. Play has been noted in animals in the wild as well as in pets, and enjoyment seems to be the common theme.

Karen Cummings, one of our Petplace authors has written an excellent article on “How Cats Play“.

A cat’s play takes three forms, though often it is sometimes difficult to separate them.

1. Social Play – Social play is how kittens learn to interact with their littermates, their mother, other cats, other household pets, and you.

2. Object Play – Poking, batting, and tossing around small objects are ways that kittens learn about how to deal with prey. During such play sessions they develop the survival skills that they might need if they ever have to provide for themselves.

3. Locomotor Play – An active cat is a confident cat. The running and jumping of locomotor play helps a kitten increase strength, coordination, and flexibility. Locomotor play also stimulates a cat’s appetite while helping to keep her physically fit.

Karen goes on to explain in more detail the various form of Cat Play. To learn more about how cats play Go to: http://www.petplace.com/cats/how-cats-play/page1.aspx.

Another way we cat lovers have FUN is to watch beautiful pictures of cats. That is why last week over 3,000 people came to Petplace to see our brand NEW collection of 10 amazing cat slideshows including: Cute Kittens, Lazy Cats, Fat Cats, Sleeping Cats and much more.

The pictures are beautiful and they will make you feel good inside.

To see them go to: http://www.petplace.com/cat-pictures.aspx.

We hope that you love them as much as we do!

Well, I hope that you have a great weekend. Remember to make time to play with your cat!

Until next time…

Dr. Jon


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