Pixie-Bob News Room

Pixie-Bobs of the Month Contest

We will be holding drawings for the Pixie-Bobs of the Month between now, Friday March 14th, and Next Wednesday. Get your Pixie-Bob Pics in Now!!!

Tips for submissions:

1) When taking pictures keep your background in mind, winners will have their pictures printed in our large yearly calendar.

2) Send the best quality pics you can. Because these pictures will be blown up for the calendar, we won’t be able to use pics that are grainy or blurry.

3) If you can, please remove all red eye and flash eye before submitting the pictures.

4) Remember, bigger is better please don’t resize your pics! That is done here. Sometimes resized pics don’t look good when blown up again.

If your Pixie is a winner, we will be contacting you via email to notify you. We will also ask for a bio about your Pixie. You can also send additional pics about your winning Pixie for us to add on his/her page in our online Journal.

So get out there and start taking those pictures so we can show the world what a wonderful and unique breed Pixie-Bobs are!

Please send them to pixieint@hotmail.com


March 14, 2008 - Posted by | Journal Announcements

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