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Hundreds Of Feral Cats To Be Trapped And Killed In Chantilly Trailer Park

March 13, 2008 : 10:32 AM
Despite residents’ work with Bethesda-based Alley Cat Allies since 2002 to control the stray and feral cat population within the trailer park, the management of The Meadows of Chantilly has decided to go ahead with a plan that calls for the trapping of over 200 stray and feral cats who will be taken to a local shelter and put down. This plan is scheduled to go into effect beginning next week.

By Julie Flinn, Best Friends Network Volunteer

Many residents within the park help to trap, spay or neuter and release the cats in conjunction with Ally Cat Allies in an effort to control the population. Alley Cat Allies estimate they’ve spent about $8,000.00 over the past several years spaying and neutering the cats in the park. Becky Robinson, President of Ally Cat Allies, believes that there is a better solution than trapping and euthanizing the cats and would like a chance to talk to the management company before any final decisions are made.

The issue of the cats has long divided the residents of the trailer park. Many residents feed the cats and have created shelters for them, some of whom are left behind by their owners when they leave the park. Other residents feel that they are a nuisance who destroy the gardens, kill birds and create an unsanitary environment with their urine and feces. The management company feels that the cats impede their ability to sell manufactured homes in the neighborhood and would like to see them gone.

Please help to save the cats by sending a letter to Chicago-based owners, Equity LifeStyle Properties and letting them know that you are upset and disagree with their decision to trap the cats and put them down. Alley Cat Allies have set up a webpage and action letter to make it easy to let your voice be heard. Please go to Alley Cat Allies and send a letter immediately. Please also send a message directly to property manager Taunya Wiseman at taunya_wiseman@mhchomes.com

To see the full article in the Washington Post, by Annie Gowen, please go here.

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Photo courtesy of Best Friends Network Volunteers

Article posted by Brandi Bennett, Best Friends Network


March 14, 2008 - Posted by | Rescue

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  1. I like your writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

    Comment by Sue Massey | March 14, 2008 | Reply

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