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Cat Radio??


POSTED: 11:44 am MST March 7, 2008
UPDATED: 8:06 am MDT March 9, 2008
PHOENIX — When you leave for work in the morning, do you ever worry your pets will get bored while you’re away?
A Valley man has dedicated a good portion of the past seven years to make sure his cats stay entertained.
Nohl Rosen of catgalaxymedia.com has created an online radio station for cats only.
He said the idea came to him seven years ago when he felt his cat Isis seemed bored. He put in a CD to see if Isis would be
entertained. “The music started, Isis laid down, relaxed, and Cat Galaxy was born,” said Rosen.
Rosen’s studio is based out of his home. He broadcasts to cats every morning and night for two hours each.
He makes sure nothing gets on the air that has not been cat-approved.
“We have to throw away the human way of thinking that everything is meant for humans. Cats, I think, know what they want to hear,” said Rosen.
The station has daily features such as Meow Mixing Monday, Tuesday Night Cat Club, Wednesday Night Cat Attack, Thursday Night Purr Party, and Friday Night Feline Frenzy.
If you are one of the three million people who have visited his Web site over that past seven years, you may have noticed that Rosen has been off the air for the past couple of months.
“We lost our assistant station manager just after New Year’s this year,” said Rosen, referring to his cat, Jade, who passed away. “So, it was a big loss, it hit us hard and we are just now getting back into the groove again,” said Rosen.
He and the rest of his cat staff said they are ready to move on.
Cat Galaxy is celebrating its seventh season. Rosen said he doesn’t make any money and he is just doing it because he loves it.

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