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We learned yesterday that the mayor was holding two cats that were surrendered.
After attempts to work with Mayor Trively proved unfruitful, our legal team spent the morning researching the local laws in Iowa and Freemont County. We quickly learned that the actions of the Mayor were potentially unlawful and took the initiative to alert the authorities.

We took action which resulted in the Iowa State Veterinarian promising to send a letter to the Mayor to alert him that it is unlawful to accept animals from the public without proper authorization from the state and a license to operate a pound. The State Veterinarian requested that he cease and desist with harboring animals given to him by the public.

Alley Cat Allies remained vigilant.

We contacted the Freemont County Sherriff’s office to request an investigation of the conditions in which the two cats were being held. We sought to ensure that the Mayor was in compliance with the state laws pertaining to animal negligence. Mayor Trively told us on Wednesday that one cat had already died in his care. We requested an investigation be done as to the cause of death. Further, we were told that the other cat has been taken from the Mayor’s home and brought to be boarded at a local veterinarian.

We will continue to press for an investigation and we will see to it that justice is served for the cat that died. We will also ensure the care of the boarded cat.

Alley Cat Allies is proud to say that other national organizations have reached out to Randolph, Iowa including Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kenab, Utah. We sent a letter which will be delivered by one of our Feral Friends Network members to the Mayor and the City Council of Randolph tonight at the City Council meeting stating again that we are here to help and further that other organizations have volunteered to help – if they simply end their trap-and-kill program. 

With your help, more than 2500 letters have been sent to the city of Randolph, Iowa requesting that they cease their inhumane bounty program. If you haven’t taken action yet, please click here to send a letter now.

Alley Cat Allies


March 14, 2008 - Posted by | Rescue

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