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I got a funny email yesterday – it was from Betty in Wheeling, West Virginia. Betty emailed and said that she really thought her cat liked junk food and didn’t know what to do.

Betty’s description gave me images of cats eating Snickers Bars, drinking pop and laying on the sofa – in a couch potato veg state.

So…I asked Betty what she meant. Well, her cat prefers canned food to dry food. And semi-moist over dry. And pouches of food to dry. If at all possible her cat tries to avoid dry food so…she was worried that her cat is a junk food kitty.

Well Betty, it really depends what you are feeding. When I think “junk food kitty”, I think of cats eating low quality non-premium foods that are not nutritionally complete.

Any cat eating a good quality food, regardless if it is canned, dry, semi-moist or pouches is okay. Most cats do preferred canned and pouched foods over dry.  There is the rare cat that prefers dry but in general, most cats prefer canned or pouches.

As long as the food is a high quality food – it doesn’t matter which you feed. There is some benefit in feeding canned or pouches in cats with some urinary conditions. These foods contain more water, which can be beneficial in promoting more water intake and urine production in these situations.

And…I have to tell you. Some of these foods look pretty darn good. Hill’s came out with a pouched food called Science Diet® Tender Chunks in Gravy” and I have to admit – it looked very good. It has real fish, chicken or beef and it comes in a convenient pouch.

So, if your cat is eating low quality food  (i.e. junk food), or you are ready to try something new, I recommend that you go the Hill’s website and check it out. 

To learn more about this new high quality food Go to: www.hillspet.com.

Thanks Betty for your wonderful e-mail.  I also enjoy hearing from my wonderful Petplace subscribers.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon


March 14, 2008 - Posted by | Feline Health, Feline Nutrition

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