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FDA Orders Shutdown Of Castleberry Food Plant

By Emily Huh on Cats

CastleberryThe Food and Drug Administration has shut down

Castleberry’s food plant in Augusta, Georgia. In

July 2007, Castleberry went through a massive

recall of canned chili linked to botulism poisoning.

Castleberry Foods produces Natural Balance

Eatables for Dogs.

 (Natural Balance also recalled cans of Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs

for possible botulism risk during the canned chili recall.)

The suspension of its operating permit and

shutdown was ordered on Friday, and a FDA

spokesperson said that part of the processing

lines used to make food were not being

operated properly and this could result in

underprocessed cans of food.

Here is the FDA press release:

In July 2007, over 80 types of canned food products

 and 4 types of dog food produced by Castleberry

Foods were recalled due to possible contamination

with Clostridium botulinum.

FDA issued an ‘Order of Need for Emergency Permit’ to

 the firm at that time. This means that the firm was not

able to ship its products in interstate commerce until it

received a permit from FDA. The agency issues an

 ‘Order of Need for Emergency Permit’ if it determines

that a firm does not meet requirements of the

 regulations pertaining to the manufacture of

 thermally processed low-acid foods or acidified foods,

such that the safety of the food is in question.

FDA believes the company remedied the previously

existing food safety problems and the processing

procedures will result in a finished product that does

not present a health hazard.

The firm requested an emergency permit and FDA

issued an emergency permit after a review of a

firm’s documented corrective actions and processing

procedures. In September 2007, FDA issued a permit

that allowed the firm to ship products that were processed

 using the firm’s machinery (the vertical still retorts) not

 associated with the recalled product. None of these retorts

 was believed to be linked to the previous C. botulinum


During a recent inspection of these processing lines FDA

 found that the vertical still retorts were not being operated

 in a manner as required, raising the possibility that

some cans processed in these retorts could be under-processed.

On March 7, 2008 FDA sent a letter to the company

suspending the temporary emergency permit.
No products have been identified as contaminated.

FDA has asked the firm to verify the safety of all

 products produced since the emergency permit was issued.

Source: WJBF

(Thanks menusux)


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