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 Do You Have Enough Litter Boxes?

As I mentioned in previous newsletters, a common

reason cats will “go” outside the litter box is having

too few litter boxes. So how many litter boxes should

you have? The general rule of thumb is that you should

have one litter box per cat PLUS one OR one litter

 box per floor or level of your house, whichever is more.

If you have two cats in a one level apartment, you should

ideally have 3 litter boxes. If you have a two-story house

and one cat, you should have 3 litter boxes.  If you have 4

cats in a three level house, you should have 5 litter boxes.

I know that sounds like a lot of litter boxes (and it is) but too

few litter boxes is a common reason for cats to inappropriately

eliminate. This is especially true in large home, homes with

multiple levels or in multi-cat households. So check to see that

you have enough littler boxes based on the number of cats

and the type and size of home you live in. There many good

options for the litter that you use in your boxes – including

scoopable, flushable, clay, and paper. There is even a new

 litter that alerts you about smells before it actually starts to

 smell!  The product is called Odor Alert by Arm & Hammer.

This new litter alerts you when you should scoop by turning blue!

To learn more about Odor Alert  – go to www.odoralert.com

I hope this helps you understand how many litter boxes you

need to minimize  behavioral problems. Next week, I’ll talk

about the best locations for a litter box.

Until then,

Dr. Jon

P.S.  Arm & Hammer is offering a coupon for their Odor Alert litter

 if you want to try the litter. Go here to get

your coupon: www.odoralert.com.P.P.S. – Another reason

for having multiple litter boxes is that some cats prefer to

urinate in one box and defecate in another.  Also, multiple

litter boxes are needed because a more  dominant cat may

block the pathway to the litter box to a submissive cat forcing

the more timid cat to look somewhere else for a litter box. 

These are very subtle behavioral  things cats do that you

may not notice but can force a cat to inappropriately urinate

outside of the box.


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