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Rules for Registering/Showing Pixie-Bobs in ACFA

Below is an email from Connie Vandre, the ACFA Executive Director.  Feel free to contact any of the ACFA Pixiebob Breed Committee members if you have any questions regarding any information in her email. 

This is great news for our breed and we encourage all Pixiebob breeders to get involved in the ACFA association.  Find out for yourselves why ACFA is called “The Friendly Association”.
Not only is our breed now part of another association, we now have a place to show our O3T’s!
The ACFA Pixiebob Breed Committee
Carol Brewer
Shari Fedewa
Mary Gilbert
Christy Humphreys
Pat Knippelmeyer
Hi All!
I was so glad to see you again .. or .. meet you for the first time this past weekend! I thought I would
reiterate what the rules are for registering and showing Pixiebobs, so that everyone is on the same page.
The old rules for registering Pixiebobs will apply until April 30, 2008, i.e., only F1 generation cats can be shown in ACFA’s NBC (New Breed or Color) class. Starting May 1, 2008, the first day of the new show season, these will be the Pixiebob registration rules:
 1. The PBL and PBS will be classified as a Natural Breed (meaning no outcrosses will be allowed).
 2. Under our rules pertaining to specific breeds there will be the list of the 4 known and accepted outcrosses in the ancestry:
    Jamaica of Stone Island – Manx
    Cassiz Wildwood Bencito – Bengal
    Pharoah – Bengal
    WillowPlace Magic Sensation – Maine Coon
 3. Unknowns (Legend Cats) are also accepted in the ancestry.
 4. To be able to have an Unknown eligible for current registration we will need:
     – a Certificate of Approval from the ACFA Pixiebob Breed Committee OR
     – Registration in another association that is acceptable to ACFA
     – DNA Testing certificate
5. To be registered in ACFA a Pixiebob must either be a tested cat or be cleared by testing. The gen codes are:

            XX:   Cleared by tested cat (registered cats only, no unknowns)

            X1:   Cleared by tested cat (registered cats only, no unknowns)

            X2:   Tested cat (which is at least a 3rd generation Pixiebob) Showable

            X3:   Progeny of tested cat.  Showable

            F1’s and on:  Showable         

6. Polydactyls can be registered for breeding, but not for showing.
7. PBS and PBL will be governed under a joint breed committee.
8. Litters may produce both long hairs and short hairs and kittens will be individually registered depending on their length of hair.
9. Shades of Brown Spotted Tabby are the only color/pattern permissible for Championship.
Other items to note:
Until April 30th, the PBS and PBL will continue to show in the NBC class. Starting May 1, the PBS and PBL will be welcomed in the CHAMPIONSHIP classes – YIPPEE!! Now here is the bit of bad news – all registered Pixiebobs that are going to be shown will need to be reregistered with the correct color code and pay the $10 reregistration fee. Sorry about this, but the registration system was set up a million years ago, before computers, and we are stuck with it now. All current registered Pixiebobs have an NBC number (it is a series of 4 zero’s) and cannot be shown with this number in the Championship classes. Entry Clerks have been instructed not to enter cats with this type of number in the kitten, whole cat or alter classes. If your registered cat is not going to be shown, you can leave the number as is, it makes no difference for breeders or pets. For cats going into the show hall, we will need the original certificate returned to ACFA with a note that you need the cat reregistered with the championship class color coding. You can always call Central Office and get the correct color code and use that for your entry into the show. However, your cat will not earn titles nor be scored for year end awards until we receive the money, the actual certificate and change it in the computer.
Remember you have two breeds – Pixiebob Shorthair and Pixiebob Longhair. They will be judged and scored separately in the show halls. When entering a show, and when renewing your membership, you cannot just put down that your breed is Pixiebob, you will need to indicate which hair length. If you want to be a member of both breed sections, there is a $5 additional fee to be in both.  
When the testing began, Dr. Joy Halverson requested that there be one liaison person between the Zoogen Testing Lab and the Pixiebob people. That person currently is Christy Humphreys.  I will refer all inquiries about testing, the lab and obtaining swab kits, etc., to her until notified otherwise.
I have had a couple of calls from Pixiebob people asking for the list of tested cats. I have been asked to post this list somewhere. Sorry, but ACFA Central Office will never make this information available to the general public. If someone wants to know if their cat has been cleared by testing, my current contact is Pat Knipplemeyer. I will take brief phone calls on this topic. However, as you can well understand, I cannot spend much time weeding through countless pedigrees trying to link tested cats to cleared cats. Pat has always been very gracious about the time needed to trace tested to cleared and is also very knowledgeable about pedigrees. I will continue to refer cleared cat inquiries to Pat until notified otherwise.
Well, that is about all I can think of to tell you right now. This is a lot to digest! If you have any questions, or if there is something I missed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Congratulations and welcome to our Championship Classes!!!

Connie Vandre
Executive Director
American Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.
>^. .^<


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