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8 Tips For Raising Children With Cats

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8 Tips For Raising Children With Cats

By admin on cats

I wished I’d grown up with cats. I didn’t understand them and I was afraid of them. I’d seen some of those spooky movies with devilish cats doing really bad things. I remember walking past houses with cats in the windows giving me the evil-eye. But my husband had grown up with cats, so we got a kitten. From then on I was smitten. I stopped seeing the evil-eyes and only saw the curiosity in their eyes. I now couldn’t go a day without cats in my life.



Putting your child in charge of a cat’s care can give her a sense of responsibility and comfort which is helpful to her wellbeing and sense of self.

When growing up with cats, your child learns respect for pets and the importance of affection. They should learn that pets are a lifelong commitment. The cat is a family member. Not something that is discarded like a toy no longer wanted.


8 tips for raising your child with cats:

1) Show to your child the proper way of handling and caring for their cat. That teaches him concern for animals but also instilling life skills.

2) Be a guide between cats and children. If it’s your child’s first experience with a cat, teach her why a cat may act aloof, so that she will understand.

3) Teach your child about cats. Get a book or go online with them. Watching videos or seeing pictures will give them pleasure and a better understanding of cats. This blog would be good for them along with these other sites:

Cats Rule. How To Select Your Next Master which has facts about selecting a cat as well as how to take care of them.

Funny Cat Video Showcase has videos that are fun or funny but also educational.

Sphynx Cats: What’s Hair Got To Do With It? This is about the hairless Sphynx cat, their traits and care.

Cat Trees: The Ultimate Furniture For The Pampered Pet has facts about why cats scratch, how to train them and has pictures and other information on cat trees, beds and scratching posts and other pet furniture.

4) Teach your child not to play rough with their cat. Playing rough can be interpreted by the cat as hostile. Thus, she may use her claws or bite your child.

5) Get cat toys. Demonstrate how they are better way to play with their cat.

6) Teach your child the importance of sleep. Tell them why cats sleep and how she could help in letting him sleep.

7) Teach your child the potential dangers to their cat such as sharp objects, medications, some plants, recliners with their opening and closing, even garbage or food such as chocolate. For more information on poisons, go to Cats Just Wanna Have Fun which has several modules about plants and other items are poisonous as well as great pictures like this one…


8) Teach your child the importance of keeping his cat indoors to avoid potential dangers outside. If you decide to have an indoor-outdoor cat, make sure you child understands how to mitigate some of the dangers cats face outdoors that they don’t face indoors, such as dogs, other cats, mean people and kids, to name a few.

Purrs, Frankie


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