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Menu Foods Does Not Disclose Results of Pet Food Testing, No Response to Media

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Posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 at 3:00 pm in News for Cats, Dogs & Owners, National Dog, Cat & Pet Info, Dogs, Cats, Other Pets.
By Emily Huh

On Monday, Menu Foods released a statement on their website stating that UC Davis recently tested pet food samples and found no traces of acetaminophen.

Although Menu Foods did not publicly disclose their negative test results from UC Davis. Also, the company refused to answer questions from ConsumerAffairs.com when asked about the samples of cat food they tested.

Carol, a pet owner who had Special Kitty food tested by Expertox after her cats became extremely ill and Itchmo reader, said, “I don’t trust them and I think they’re hiding something.”

She added, “That company poisoned my animals and they have the gall to refer to my lab results as a ‘recycled claim.’ This company made money off my animals for years and now they’ve poisoned my pets. How dare they belittle them . . . it’s so insulting.”

ConsumerAffairs.com asked Menu Foods why the company still had samples of recalled Special Kitty Food and how it disposes of recalled products. But Menu Foods did not respond to their questions.

Menu Foods does eventually respond to ConsumerAffairs.com in a written statement. The company said it will not disclose its test results and that they have already provided a summary of the lab’s findings on their website.

Menu Foods added in their statement, “The California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory at the University of California Davis (”UC Davis”) tested products with date and time codes in close proximity to those identified in the ExperTox (report) – ensuring the products tested by UC Davis were manufactured and filled from the same ingredient sources as those identified in the ExperTox report. Acetaminophen was non-detectable in all three samples.”

In response to a question of why the company still has recalled food in their possession, the company stated, “Menu Foods is a defendant in ongoing litigation related to the recall, and currently cannot dispose of recalled product. Prior to the March recall, Menu has never before been involved in a food safety recall and as such, has no experience in ‘doing’ anything with its recalled product. At such time as Menu Foods is permitted to dispose of the product recalled this spring, it will do so in accordance with FDA guidelines.”

Menu also said that they could not contact Carol in regards to the cat food she tested, the cat food the company tested, or any information related to her claim because of a federal court order. But Carol has not filed a claim or taken any legal action against the company.

Source: ConsumerAffairs.com

(Thanks menusux and Carol)


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