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Cats in Need of Good Homes!!!

 Seattle Humane: 

BELLEVUE, WA (December 13, 2007) –  This season, with every shelter filled to the brim with fabulous felines, anyone thinking about adding a cat to their family can make a huge difference by giving an orphaned cat (or two) a home before the holidays. All these fabulous felines want from Santa Paws is a loving home of their own!

“Cats make wonderful companions for children and adults alike,” said Brenda Barnette, chief executive officer for the Seattle Humane Society. “Cats are independent enough that you can safely leave them home alone for several hours, although they’ll have more fun if they have a companion cat to play with!”

If you have never had the good fortune to love a cat, here are some of the things people say when asked, “Why are cats great pets?”

¨        Cats do not have to be walked outside (but can be taught to walk on a leash!)

¨        Cats are fun playmates when they’re frisky!

¨        Cats make you feel better when they cuddle and purr on you.

¨        Cats are the first to greet you when you come home.

¨        Cats keep you company while you get dressed in the morning.

¨        Cats love you unconditionally and follow you from room to room.

¨        Cats are just so darn cute.

¨        Cats are clean and quiet.

¨        Cats are smart, and can even learn tricks like “sit” and “high-five”.

¨        Cats make great house pets because they listen without interrupting, and they don’t complain about your cooking. 

¨        Cats can bathe themselves.

¨        Cats seem to know when you’re sick, and make you feel better.

¨        Cats don’t get things out of the garbage can.

¨        Cats remind us of how we really want to be; independent, intelligent, confident and able to love unconditionally.

We are asking for your help for the cats this holiday season.  Can you give an abandoned cat a home?  You’ll be glad you did and your kitty will repay you with soft purrs and a lifetime of love.

Visit  www.seattlehumane.org, call (425) 641-0080, or stop by the Seattle Humane Society, located at 13212 SE Eastgate Way, in Bellevue, for more information on opening your home to an orphaned cat (or two). 

The Seattle Humane Society has been protecting people and pets since 1897.  Visit in person at 13212 SE Eastgate Way in Bellevue, or online at www.seattlehumane.org to learn more.


December 14, 2007 - Posted by | Rescue

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