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A Dog’s Christmas Promise

 For The Love of a Dog:

December 13, 2007 | By Admin In Dog Writing & Poetry, Just for Fun |

Christmas tree with giftsChristmas is for humans, and I will not ruin the
surprises by opening all their presents.

Christmas light bulbs, Christmas ornaments, Christmas
stockings, and tinsel from the Christmas tree are not food.

I am the alpha dog, therefore I do not need to protect
my new Christmas rawhide from the omega dog by
taking it outside to eat when the wind chill is -10 F.

I will not demolish the Christmas tree and drag the
string of lights out into the backyard through the doggy door.Dog

I will not dive into the Christmas tree to get the
candy canes (which I will eat — paper and all).

I will not eat my Christmas doggie treats until after
they’re out of the stocking!

I will not even THINK about going underneath the
Christmas tree and piddling on the dining room rug.

dogI will not get into a fight with the bigger dog next
door, making my human have to call the vet’s at Christmas.

I will not get tangled up in the Christmas tree lights
and pull the tree down while trying to get at a cat
through the conservatory window.

I will not pee on Grandma’s Christmas presents that
are under her tree as soon as we enter her house.Christmas presents

I will not pee on the Christmas tree.

I will not steal the neighbor’s Christmas light bulbs.

The bowl underneath the Christmas tree is not a dog
dish. I will not drink from it. It will make me sick.

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December 14, 2007 - Posted by | misc K-9

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