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Multipet Jungle GymBy robertas on Cat Toys

Product type: Jungle gym for cats
Product description: Multipet Jungle Gym is a jungle gym made for cats. The dimensions of this product are 30Hx30Wx30D and it is made from nylon and PVC. It has space saving corner design and it also features vertical and horizontal tunnels, fuzzy, hanging toys, jumping platforms and obstacles.Majority of reviewers were satisfied with Multipet Jungle Gym:“I got this after doing some research, it was really easy to put together, and has so far with stood all four of them on it, the kitten chasing her tail in the bottom level of the ‘tent’ part, and the kitten and her sister playing ‘boxing match’ all over it.”“It was very easy to assemble, did it under 10 minutes. The construction is lightweight but for my cat 10lbs it’s just fine. The vinyl is sturdy and the little mice have already been hours of entertainment. For the price, this is really a nice gym.”“This has lots of play possibilities in all the areas, and my two cats love it. I imagine that it is better suited for more than one cat, because the tube and cut out holes encourage hide and seek, and surprise attack play. As far as its flimsiness, it’s designed for a corner, and probably is much better supported there.”Some reviewers had following issues with Multipet Jungle Gym:

  • It is not sturdy enough
  • Some cats will not play in it

Because this product is made from nylon and PVC it seems it is a bit flimsy so it might be too lightweight for heavier cats. Also one reviewer reported his cat did not want to play in it.“My cat hates it, I think he is scare of it, the first time he saw it he was curious like any cat would be but once it was built all he did was go in, smelled it and left. He never played in it at all.”“It was sturdy, but after un-assembling and re-assembling it twice a few of the connecters have broken.”“My kittens absolutely love this thing, but the pieces come apart nearly every time they play on it.”Summary for Multipet Jungle Gym:Overall this product got good reviews. Although it is a bit flimsy as reviewers pointed out it should be placed in a corner. It might not be the best option for pet owners with heavier cats.(Sources: Amazon.com)


December 13, 2007 - Posted by | Toys

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