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Cat Sitter DVDBy robertas on Cat Toys

Product type: DVD for catsProduct description: Cat Sitter DVD is a DVD you can playcat-sitter-dvd.jpg for your cats while you are not home to keep them entertained. This product has been featured in Wall Street Journal, USA Today and on the Daily show.Majority of reviewers were satisfied with Cat Sitter DVD:“My two indoor cats are fascinated with it. You can put it on continuous loop (it’s actually recommended that you play it while you are gone, since cats are distracted by your presence).”“She sits by the television every morning and waits for me to press play on the VCR. She sits intently for the entire hour watching.”“Every time we put it in our cat chatters up a storm and goes right up to the screen watching every little movement. It is a sure way to get our cat out of her slumber and into something she really enjoys.”“It has a video loop that allows the DVD to repeat itself continuously. When introducing the video, it is important to minimalize distractions and it may take a few viewings before your cat becomes used to it.”Some reviewers had following problems with Cat Sitter DVD:

  • Some cats were not interested in this DVD
  • One cat became aggressive after watching it

Some reviewers pointed out that their cats simply were not interested in this DVD, while others only watched the parts that hold some interest for them. One reviewer reported his cat became over stimulated and attacked him when he got home from work.“My cat seemed more interested in the Cat music video than the rest of it. Overall, I’d say that it keeps him engaged/entertained when he’s in the mood to watch it.”“My cats took one look at this DVD and found something else to do.”“The next day, I left the DVD on Loop while I was away at work for over 9 hours. When I returned later that evening, within minutes, he aggressively attacked me–scratching my legs and foot and viciously biting my hand and arm…He has never acted like that in the past and I can only attribute this behavior from becoming over stimulated, and perhaps frustrated, from watching and hearing all the critters on this DVD and not being able to interact with them.”Summary for Cat Sitter DVD:In general reviewers liked this product and it kept their cats entertained. However a few reported this DVD was not interesting enough for their cats. Also one reviewer reported his cat became over stimulated while watching this and started acting aggressively. It will take a while for your cats to get used to this DVD, however you should monitor them at least in the beginning so they do not become overly stimulated.(Sources: Amazon.com, Petsmart.com)


December 13, 2007 - Posted by | Toys

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