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Rescuers turn focus to stranded animals

 Rescuers turn focus to stranded animals

Story Published: Dec 6, 2007 at 5:24 PM PST

By KOMO Staff

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In some places in Lewis County, the floodwaters rose so fast people barely had time to get to safety, much less get their animals out. We’ve heard many sad reports of pets and livestock drowned, but also some stories of remarkable rescues.

Dogs, cats, horses, and crates full of rabbits are just a handful of the many, many stranded animals overwhelming the Lewis County Animal Shelter.

Crews with Pasado’s Safe Haven headed out on Thursday to rescue the stranded animals. They made their first stop in downtown Chehalis.

“We were called on horses running the street and on someone’s property and (it was) a problem,” ” said animal rescue worker Kim Koon.

But what Koon and his crew found was a pleasant surprise. The horses were safe and sound after a narrow escape, thanks to a good samaritan Connie Moore had rescued them and put them in her yard.

“We were running from a wall of water coming at us,” Moore said, recalling Tuesday’s events. “That dike literally exploded. It sounded like two jetliners slamming into each other.”

Moore and her fiance also had 18 rabbits to rescue. They picked up the animals and loaded them up in the back of their pickup truck. But they couldn’t find a place to keep them.

After coordination with Lewis County, Pasado’s Safe Haven loaded up the rabbits and took them to a temporary home, where they’ll stay until Moore’s property becomes habitable again.

Harder to help are livestock like some horses spotted near Elma and the flooded Chehalis River. They were standing in several inches of water with no high ground around. After Air 4 shot the video, we contacted Pasado’s, but they couldn’t get to the horses.

Meanwhile, Lewis County’s shelter is so full, they’re sending adoptable strays to a Portland shelter to make room here for animals lost in the storm.

Among those animals are a boxer and two cats rescued from a motor home. The motor home was flooded in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Another dog drowned.

“Pretty tough,” said Robin Williams with the Lewis County Animal Shelter . “A lot of bad phone calls, people that had found their pets and they didn’t make it.”

Workers are receiving more sad reports than happy rescues , but they’re trying to focus on doing what they can.

The Lewis County Animal Shelterand Pasado’s Safe Haven are both taking donations of pet food and other animal supplies.

There is also a hay distribution center set up in downtown Chehalis at 562 Center Street for owners that need emergency supplies for their livestock.



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