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In a world that is trying hard to be healthier, there are many pet owners who are including their furry friends in the quest for an optimal lifestyle. Because of this, organic and natural pet food sales are booming. Many pet owners are excited to offer their dogs a quality pet food that is free from preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones. Should your pet be going natural or organic?

Health improvement is the main reason people eat natural or organic foods. Foods that are 100% natural are healthier than those with synthetic additives, which are believed to cause cancer and other health problems. It’s possible that eating this way could help your pets as well.

Many pet owners feeding organic pet foods are skeptical about the contents of everyday dog foods. Some pet foods have labels such as “meat byproducts” and “meat meal”, which leave too much to the imagination.

These vague ingredient listings can be used to describe parts of the animal that are left after the meat has been harvested for human consumption. These parts may include heads, bones, feet, kidneys, brain, intestines, etc. These terms can also be used to explain meat products of animals we would not consider suitable for consumption.

Many organic and natural pet food feeders have chosen these foods with hopes of improving their pets’ health. They believe that feeding organic pet food diets which lack synthetic additives may prolong a pet’s life and even help eliminate existing health problems.

What Should You Do?

If your veterinarian feels that the pet food you are currently feeding is appropriate and healthy for your dog or cat, and your pet is also happy with this pet food, then a food change may not be in order. If your pet is finicky about the current food you are feeding, or if you are leery of its ingredients, a natural or organic pet food may be more acceptable.

Until next time…

Dr. Jon

P.S. – . If you are battling health problems with your pet such as allergies or cancer, and you are looking for an alternative remedy, a natural pet food may be helpful.

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December 10, 2007 - Posted by | K-9 Nutrition, K9 Health

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