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What does it Cost to Care for a Cat?

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Happy Thursday to you! Today I’d like to give you a little information about what it costs to care for a cat. So often pets are an impulse addition to the family and this is especially true of cats. Sure… they seem like a simple addition. They are pretty self-sufficient and not too much bother if they are well-behaved, but have you ever given any thought to how much it costs to keep a cat?

If you are on a fixed income general care for a cat can really add up. As we work harder to give our animals a better life, the cost of their care increases.

This is fantastic for cats, but maybe not so fantastic for folks who haven’t given much thought to how expensive a cat can be. I don’t want to discourage anyone from getting a cat but think it is best to understand the associated responsibilities with keeping a cat.

Listed below are approximate costs of basic care for cats. Costs can vary widely, depending on where you live and specifics associated with each individual pet. The cost of the actual cat can very from hundreds of dollars for a purebred to free.

Kittens – The First Year

Veterinary Care/Laboratory Tests – $50 to $125
Immunizations – $70 to $135
Internal/External Parasite Treatment and Control – $50 to $100
Spay/Neuter – $40 to $200. The cost may depend on the cat’s sex and age.
Food – $100 to $200
Miscellaneous (toys, beds, bowls, etc.) – $100 to $125

Total: $410 to $885

Cats – Annual Costs

Veterinary Care/Laboratory Tests – $70 to $150
Immunizations – $30 to $75
Internal/External Parasite Control – $40 to $80
Food – $75 to $200 same as above
Miscellaneous (litter, toys, etc.) – $100 to $125

Total: $315 to $630

Note: These costs will vary considerably, depending on special care. Typically, indoor cats require only routine annual veterinary care until they reach their later years – usually after they are 10 years old. In later years, more medical attention, special diets, and medications may be required.

You should also note that costs vary between stores, veterinarians and by region.

There are ways you can lessen this cost, such as by keeping your cat insured with pet insurance, but it’s good to have an idea what you’re getting into.
Until next time…

Dr. Jon

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December 7, 2007 - Posted by | Feline Health

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