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“More Toxic Dog Toys & Pet Products”

I’ve previously mentioned toxic dog and pet toys but now with the scares of lead in children’s toys, let’s take another quick look into this scary subject.

Check out this video for a scary eyeopener – VIDEO

They purchase a bunch of dog and cat toys and products, toys and dishes, from an un-named major petstore and put them to the test. All of them were made in China. Not only did they find toxic levels of lead but also chromium, arsenic and mercury.

This is a time of year when we not only fill children’s stockings, but like myself, many of us fill out pet’s stocking too, with toys and treats and goodies. Since on sight we have no way of knowing what dangers toys and pet supplies may hold, my best suggestion would be to very carefully check the manufacturers lable and anything made in China, in whole or part, be discarded as an option. Read More Here: http://petloverstips.com/ForTheLoveoftheDog/news-updates/more-toxic-dog-toys-pet-products


December 7, 2007 - Posted by | Feline Health, K9 Health

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