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Letter from “We the People”


We were informed that this could be printed and passed out and/or added to show catalogs, etc… 

We are all well aware that our constitutional freedoms seem to be eroding steadily away. Sadly, special

interest groups, “carpet baggers”, and corporate giants seem to be gaining more and more control over all aspects of American government. On the other hand, we the people seem to be steadily losing our voice when government decisions are made that shape our future.This point became painfully clear to all California pet owners and those involved in the pet industry last spring when Assemblyman Lloyd Levine introduced his mandatory pet sterilization bill AB 1634. Not only did the provisions of this extreme bill strip California pet owners of their constitutional freedoms and right to privacy, those who chose to oppose this bill found that their voice seemed to carry little weight in the halls of congress. Instead, the views of extreme Animal Rights activists were valued while the voice of California’s citizenry was typically dismissed. Fortunately, with a massive coordinated effort amassed by pet owners, breeders, trainers, police organizations, search and rescue groups, guide dogs for the blind, and pet rescue groups, the California Senate finally heard our message and shelved AB 1634 for the year.Not wanting any California citizen to ever experience a fight for our rights like this ever again, a group of like minded patriotic Californians formed the grassroots organization We the People for Pets. Our first goal was to address the major problems that we took special note of during our efforts to defeat AB 1634. Thus, our seven initiatives were born and are:

Animal Property Act – This is an amendment to our constitution that will define animals as property. Having animals defined as property will empower their owners to make all decisions regarding the care of that animal. This amendment will also prevent seizure of animals by government or private entities without due process in court.

Property Protection Law – Affords greater protection of property and will challenge all limit laws against any owned property.

Freedom From Sterilization Act – Protects humans & animals from any government mandate of forced sterilization

RFID Act – Protects humans & animals from government or otherwise mandated RFID microchips and a new technology, RFID ink, which can tattoo any person or animal with a 15 digit barcode with invisible or visible ink.

Animal License Law (ALL) – Provides for a cap on licensing fees and permits. These cannot exceed $50 all conclusive, with 50% reduction for all those on Medicare and Medi-Cal. This law will prevent the ability of state, county, and city governments to overtax pet owners and will help promote compliance for rabies licensing where required.

NO-KILL BILL or the Pet Animal Protection Act (PAPA) – This is the solution to the gross mismanagement of our state funded shelters which has resulted in the needless killing of lost, abandoned, and feral animals. It puts into place the proven policies of No-Kill sheltering in which taxpayers monies are spent to save animals instead of killing them. The culture of death perpetuated for over a century by agencies like the Humane Society of the United States will stop on the day after this measure wins at the ballot box. And it will win as the time has come to put an end to the needless killing. Every person that cares about pets and feral cats will vote YES! on this measure. The NO-KILL BILL prohibits the killing of puppies, kittens, feral cats and all savable animals.

Farm Animal Protection Act (FAPA) – This is an opposing measure that protects farm animals with veterinarian recommended and science based policies, protects the Californian farmers that have been supplying us with farm fresh products, and protects the consumers from the economic consequences of HSUS’ farm animal initiative. The HSUS initiative will cause a severe spike in the price of eggs and all products that use eggs such as bakery goods.All of these initiatives have been submitted and approved by the California Secretary of State. Now is the time for Californians to stand up to protect their constitutional rights and freedoms. Seize this opportunity to have your voice heard! Please join our effort and help us gather signatures to qualify these initiatives for the 2008 ballot. We can no longer continue to travel the road of apathy thinking that the California government will take care of us. Those people who do not actively defend their freedoms are doomed to lose them. The time has come for the voices of we the California people to be heard loud and clear! Please contact us for petition copies at wethepeople2007@gmail.com immediately as time is of the essence.

We the People Pets 160 10th Street, San Francisco, CA94103-2618 (650) 296-2169

We the People

We the People


December 5, 2007 - Posted by | Pet Legislation

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