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“Consolidated Animal Rights Movement is Sportsmen’s Nightmare”


Consolidated Animal Rights Movement is Sportsmen’s Nightmare

November 30, 2007 By: NewsEngine Category: Hunting News, Assorted Outdoors

In a precisely-calculated effort, the Humane Society of the United States is assuming control of the animal rights movement’s political agenda. In doing so, it becomes an even greater threat to conservation and hunters’ rights.

Wayne Pacelle, the mastermind behind HSUS, recently told the Chronicle of Philanthropy that his organization may soon merge with at least three unnamed animal rights organizations. The HSUS calls itself a mainstream animal charity, but the growing organization has already joined forces with groups that push a none-too-conventional anti-hunting, anti-trapping agenda.

“The HSUS is playing up a mainstream reputation in hopes of becoming the primary mouthpiece for the animal rights movement,” said USSA President Bud Pidgeon. “It is not difficult to convince a smaller group to unite with a multi-million dollar organization that will push its political agenda – be it to end hunting or eliminate animal research. Sportsmen will no-doubt see HSUS continue to grow in this way.”

Power in Numbers

By absorbing the other groups, HSUS adds to its membership and bank accounts, which gives it even more political muscle. The group now has 10.5 million members or supporters, up from 7.4 million five years ago.

When Pacelle took control of HSUS in 2004, he realized the way to advance his political agenda was to develop an even larger following of animal activists. It was not by chance that HSUS assumed control of the Fund for Animals in 2005 and the Doris Day Animal League in 2006. It was all part of a plan to make HSUS the powerful and efficient mouthpiece for the animal rights movement.

Bank On It

With a staggering $112-million budget, a new legislative arm and a political action committee to boot, HSUS definitely has lawmakers’ attention. The group spent $2.5 million this year to push state and federal animal rights legislation. Last year, for the first time, it got directly involved in candidate elections and spent $600,000 to back or oppose nominees based on their animal-related voting history.

To remain in control of the animal rights movement, HSUS plans to continue its financial development. In fact, it will soon begin a five year, $100-million fund-raising effort that will put its budget well over $200 million!

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