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[REXANO] THE TIME IS NOW – Permission to Cross Post‏

The time is here and now to end for all time the blitzkrieg against our pets and our peace of mind here in the state of California.

Claim your rights and freedom from the those organizations like PeTA and HSUS who are nothing but out-of-state special interest animal rights terrorists and carpetbaggers who wish to tell us CALIFORNIANS how and IF we can have animals.

It’s so easy, simply print out the 7 initiatives and ask everyone you meet to sign them. What easier way to fight the animal rights terrorists than as an individual – a citizen!

California’s democratic system allows citizens to make laws when their government fails to listen, protect and assure our rights, freedom and security.

Animal Property Act – Defines as a Constitutional Amendment that animals are property thereby protected by law and cannot be taken without due process in a court of law.

Property Protection Law – Affords greater protection of property and will challenge all limit laws against any owned property.

Freedom From Sterilization Act – Protects Humans & Animals from any government mandate of forced sterilization.

RFID Act – Protects Humans & Animals from government or otherwise mandated RFID microchips and a new technology, RFID ink, which can tattoo anyone or any animal with a 15 digit barcode with invisible or visible ink.

Animal License Law (ALL) – Provides for a cap on licensing fees, permits, that cannot exceed $50 all conclusive, with 50% reduction for all those on Medicare and Medi-Cal thus taking away the ability to overtax pet owners and yet promote compliance for rabies licensing where required by localities.

NO-KILL BILL or the Pet Animal Protection Act (PAPA) – This is the solution to the gross mismanagement of our state funded shelters which has resulted in the needless killing of lost, abandoned and feral animals. It puts into place the proven policies of No-Kill sheltering in which taxpayers monies are spent to SAVE animals instead of KILL animals. The culture of death perpetuated for over a century by agencies like the Humane Society of the United States will stop on the day after this measure wins at the ballot box. And it will win as the time as come to put an end to the killing. Every person that cares about pets and feral cats will vote YES! On this measure. The NO-KILL BILL prohibits the killing of puppies, kittens, feral cats and all savable animals. The time has come!

Farm Animal Protection Act (FAPA) – This is an opposing measure that protects farm animals with veterinarian recommended and science based policies, protects the Californian farmers that have been supplying us with farm fresh products, and protects the consumers from the economic consequences of HSUS’ initiative which will cause a severe spike in the price of eggs and all products that use eggs such as bakery goods.

Ass. Levine and Mancuso both think we can’t do it! They thought the same thing about AB 1634 and we are going to have another surprise for them.

We have uploaded all the CA Initiative Petitions at:

www.wethepeopleusa.us  front page

Click on the links and then press print.

Please remember to read the instructions carefully so each and every signature counts.

It’s time to Rock’N’Roll! And DOWNLOAD! www.wethepeopleusa.us

A special thanks to www.REXANO.org for supporting our files at :


We The People Pets

160 10th Street San Francisco, CA

 94103-2618 (650) 296-2169


November 28, 2007 - Posted by | Pet Legislation

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  1. If you have any additional links with information regarding these issues, please post them!

    The Journal Staff

    Comment by pixiebobjournal | November 28, 2007 | Reply

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