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Animal Experts Speak About Trap Neuter & Release of Feral Cats

Posted on Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 at 3:50 am in Animal Shelters & Charity, News for Cats, Dogs & Owners, National Dog, Cat & Pet Info, Cats.
By Emily Huh

CatThe estimates of how many stray and feral cats in the US vary greatly. Some say that there are 44 million while some say there are over 80 million feral cats in the US.

Regardless of the estimates, many animal experts agree that Trap-Neuter-Return is the most effective way to control the rising population of feral cats.

Dave DeFuniak, executive director of Tree House Animal Foundation, a cat shelter in Chicago, said, “TNR is the only choice I’ve seen that makes sense. No community has animal control resources to keep up with cat reproduction.”

David Dinger, vice president operations of the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago added, “Millions of cats are out there. If we do nothing, there will be millions more. Euthanizing as we’ve traditionally done just doesn’t work. I’m optimistic that TNR is a solution not only for outdoor cats but also to limit the numbers of kittens which pour into shelters.”

To read more, visit Steve Dale’s Pet World.


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