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Air Force Base Mascot Barely Escapes With His Life

“Sampson, a homeless but friendly short-haired cat, was a regular visitor at an Air Force base in South Carolina, where he entertained and encouraged the troops operating a guard station. Though never officially adopted, Sampson’s winning personality quickly made him a popular mascot.

One day, Sampson came back to the base dragging his back leg, which was severely mangled. He had been missing for a few days, but miraculously survived the oppressive heat of South Carolina’s summer. In addition to his injury, he was thin and dehydrated. The service members he had befriended quickly called a local animal clinic for help.

Sampson’s prognosis was grim. The vet who examined him believed his leg had been devastated by the jaws of an animal trap, and that Sampson had probably been caught in the trap for a few days before being released — most likely by the trapper. The leg was badly infected and needed to be amputated if Sampson was going to survive. But the projected cost of Sampson’s medical care would have strained the small clinic’s limited budget”

This article is from the American Humane Newsletter. Samson’s has undergone surgery and is recovering well. He is now up for adoption.


November 28, 2007 - Posted by | Misc Feline

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