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With more than 150,000 supporters behind us and the movement

growing daily, now is the time to reach out to all those people who don’t yet know about the reality of feral and stray cat animal control policies in this country.

That’s why Alley Cat Allies has created a public service announcement and website to share an important and sad truth about feral cats: all over the country, healthy feral and stray cats are being trapped and killed as local governments try to control their numbers.

With your help, we can reach 50,000 people in 50 days to share this message and build the movement to stop the killing and start humane care.

So what can you do?

Visit the Save This Cat Website to watch the video and learn how you can spread the message.

Many Americans don’t know that their tax dollars are being spent killing millions of cats each year. They don’t know that this cruel and expensive policy just doesn’t work. They don’t know that a humane alternative exists.

But with your help, they will, and they will join the fight to stop the killing.

So please do your part today by helping us spread the message. Together, we can save the lives of our nation’s stray and feral cats. 


November 26, 2007 - Posted by | Rescue

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  1. This newsletter has been posted for the information and links it contains regarding feral cats and possible ways to help control their numbers. This has not been posted to help boost their donations.

    The Journal Staff

    Comment by pixiebobjournal | November 26, 2007 | Reply

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