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AB1634 is Back!

AB 1634 is back! Our opponents including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and PETA are mounting a major lobbying effort and amassing huge warchests in an attempt to pass AB 1634, the mandatory spay/neuter legislation.We are only weeks away from the new showdown and we need our supporters to help now. As I have said, those of you who thought AB 1634 is dead… are “dead” wrong. AB 1634 is scheduled for hearing by the Senate Local Government Committee in January.Just as you cannot wait until the day of the dog show to select the site, collect entries and pay for trophies and ribbons, PetPAC cannot wait until the day of the hearing of AB 1634 to contact legislators, reproduce signs, brochures, news releases, air TV commercials and organize rallies.

Of course this means we need to ask our supporters and all of our clubs for to make a contribution today! Every dime you donate to PetPAC goes to fight AB 1634 and stop PETA and HSUS from destroying our pet owner rights.Contribute to PetPAC today!

With your continued support we will fight the multi-million dollar lobbies who want to pass AB 1634 and use it as a model for the rest of our country. Help us stop AB 1634 once and for all!

Read more about what PetPAC has been doing over the past few months, what our opponents are saying about us, and what we need to accomplish in the few short weeks ahead.Sincerely,

Bill Hemby
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November 24, 2007 - Posted by | Anti Pet Legislation


  1. To see the HUGE NEGATIVE impact this bill will have on responsible pet owners and breeders, visit our legislation page. PETA, HSUS and other activist groups are trying to get this passed in each city in California so when they try again to make it mandatory state wide they will have a better chance of it passing this time. They almost won last time so every voice counts!! Send in your letters and petitions to keep this awful bill from passing and remember PETA and organizations like it are pushing for the end of pet owning all together! No joke, they blatantly display this info on their site. To top it off, the president of HSUS is a PETA supporter who holds many of their anti pet views. Again, this info is right out there for everyone to see.

    This is yet another piece of legislation they are trying to push through that they hope will get them closer to their end goal, no pets period. They are focusing mainly on Ca. with hopes that if it passes, it will be easier to pass in other states. They have already started pushing this in other states getting ready to push AB1634 from sea to shining sea.

    So please don’t donate to these organizations, where do you think they get their money for these things? HSUS is known for misallocating funds and in turn the very animals they are claiming to save, suffer. Many now view them as scam artists. You can Google them and find out about all their escapades. PETA is now viewed by many as ecoterrorists, blowing things up, putting hits out on certain people, all of which is documented and you can probably Google it to find out more.

    Instead, donate locally to your hometown shelters that way at least you know where your dollar is going and that it will be doing some good. Better yet, donate supplies.

    Comment by pixiebobjournal | November 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. AB 1634 is back? Actually, what’s “back” here is Mr. Hemby’s distortions about the bill, and his fattening wallet.

    Most folks sending Mr. Hemby money don’t realize that he is taking a large cut from every check, much larger than most comparable organizations. His financial statements indicate that in the past he has received roughly 10% of the PetPac “take”. If, as he is now running around claiming, he has actually raised 2 million dollars, that is a cool $200,000 for Mr Hemby and another large amount for his sidekick, Kelly Moran.

    Surprised that each and every plea from PetPAC included a request for more money? Do you really think PetPAC is “grass roots?” Please. Mr. Hemby’s sister organization COPS resulted in felony convictions of COPS’ fundraisers because of the shake-down techniques they were using on Hispanic voters. These techniques have helped contribute to COPS enormous take of over 6 million dollars in only 3 years. Mr. Moran received $300,000 recently simply as a “management fee” for a COPS mass-mailing.

    Contrast that with the true grass roots, volunteer based pro-AB 1634 movement.

    Now, ironically, PetPAC and Mr. Hemby are pretending to embrace a no-kill “solution” that would actually result in an enormous new tax burden for California, at the same time they rally against AB 1634, which will save taxpayers money while allowing legal breeders and dog show participants to continue their work without an increase in costs. Think this isn’t true? Where did you get your information? If you say PetPAC or any other breeder rep group, you need to have another look.

    The news about Mr. Hemby’s high percentage take from PetPAC contributions is going to go mainstream at some point, and anyone sending him money might end up red-faced. If you truly care about animals, as most of us do, take another look at this bill. Dog shows and breeding really do continue under this bill, for anyone who is truly a legal participant in our current tax structure. Los Angeles and Riverside are already on record stating that an intact permit will not result in any extra cost for people who already license their animals.

    And if you are still opposed after reading the current bill, please consider using your money to travel to Sacramento yourself to speak your mind. Don’t waste it on PetPAC.

    And, PixieBob is right, one of the very best places to put your money or supplies is to your local shelter. We actually need it.

    Comment by Susan D. | November 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thank you Susan for the information about PetPac. I should have added a comment in there about their newsletter. We are trying to show all sides of this bill. Because we post their newsletter, we aren’t saying to donate. We hope to provide enough informaiton and a petition for those who wish to use it.

    Comment by pixiebobjournal | November 25, 2007 | Reply

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